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Handling materials

The following metal can be obtained and be processed in jouetsu.


■Iron system

SS400   S25C  A105(SFVC2A) 
A350-LF2  A350-LF3
A182-F1  A182-F5  A182-F11 A182-F12 A182-F22 A182-F91  

 ■SUS system 

SUS304    SUS304L    SUS316    SUS316L    SUS310S
SUS321    SUS347    SUS317L    SUS329J4L



Inconel 600 Inconel 625 Inconel 718 Inconel 800 Inconel 825

Monel400  Monel500

Hasteroi C  Hasteroi B

Titanium TB340

Pure nickel N-201

Carpenter  CB-3


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