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Manufacturing facilities

The following equipment is collected in jouetsu.


Machining center

>>MAZAK  MTV655  1500 x 600 x 650

>>Hamai 5VA 1050 x 550 x 500

>>Sodic HS430L 420 x 350 x 200


Face lathes (T-lathes) with NC

>>Seibu High-Tech FNC-4318HiT  Φ1200 x 2000 (大径)

>>Dainichi Material DL-95  Φ700 x 1500


Lathe with NC

>>Mori Seiki NL2500SY Φ300 x 500  ×2台

>>Okuma LCS15  Φ180 x 200  ×2台

>>MAZAK NEXUS200Ⅱ  Φ180 c 500


Lathes With digital

>>Okuma  LM  Φ500 x 6000  (長尺)

>>Okuma  LT  Φ350 x 3000

>>Mitsubishi Oerlicon  DMB  Φ250 x 1500

>>Okuma  LS  Φ200 x 1000



>>Radial ball lathe    Ohya RE2-1300A  1300mm

>>Belt Sawing  Nicotec 350mm

>>3D CAD/CAM   Hitachi Grade Cube NC

>>5 axis CAD/CAM  JBM  Master CAM

>>Micro Scope ミツトヨ  MF-B1010B  10×50倍

>>Crane Hoist-Kohki 2Ton  ×2

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