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Lathe (Long)

It is usual and can process metal of the long size that I cannot cut.


Process range

In the length scale lathe of [jouetsu],
It can be cut that Φ500mm L [sun] 6000mm (six meters) one length.

The plant parts used in special,
Long-precision cutting of turning things into Jouetsu Please leave.



Processing example



Used Machinery

We have a long Lathe Ohkuma-Tekkou  X, Z is with a digital scale.

 Process range : Φ500×L寸6000mm Ohkuma-Tekkou LM 

          Φ350×L寸3000mm Ohkuma-Tekkou LT 


Machinery Photos

 長尺旋盤 長モノ加工 切削加工

旋盤加工 長尺 長手6m 削りだし

NC付きデジタル旋盤加工 長尺切削加工 


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