Lathe (Large)

Front panel is Jouetsu、NC with so attached,tapering process, R can also Easy processing.


Range of processing

In the front board processing of [jouetsu], Φ1300×2000 can be cut.

In the parts peculiar used in the plant,
Please leave cutting and the processing of the large diameter accuracy one to [jouetsu] by all means.


Processing example

Large-scale flange etc.


Use machine

The front board processing of [jouetsu] is a front board with NC.

Range of processing : Φ1300×L2000mm 
Seibu Hitec.Co.,Ltd. FNC-4318HiT

Range of processing : Φ800×L1500mm 
DAINICHI KINZOKU KOGYO CO.,LTD. DL-95 The maximum weight 2Ton


Machine photograph

 大径正面盤加工 大きな径の切削加工Φ




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