Micro Machining

 The minute holing the open processing of jouetsu can process high speed and high accuracy

ほたる was made as a microfabrication sample.

Feature of microfabrication

In the room to which the room temperature of 23℃ is controlled, the processing that pursues the finish accuracy is always possible.

It equips with original and the microscope made of [mitsutoyo] of the room temperature management, and the inspection immediately after the processing is possible.

 Processing size             Use machine

 420×350mm                  Sodick  HS430L 

 Main axis  40,000min-1     High speed and high accuracy can be achieved because of the linear motor drive.

Depth of minute holing open processing(Micro Drilling)

Up to the depth ten times Φ0.01mm~Φ0.04mm diameter  (L/D <= 10)

Up to the depth 50 times  Φ0.05mm~Φ0.09mm diameter      (L/D <= 50)

Up to the depth 100 times Φ0.10mm~Φ1.00.mm diameter    (L/D <= 100)


It seems that firefly’s hips shine when the hole of φ0.05(50μm) is made for firefly’s hips by 142 places, and it shines on from the back with the light.   Please come to see once by all means.


6A Filter
SUS316L  t=0.3

Hole diameter : Φ0.07mm
Pitch : 0.09mm

8A Filter
SUS316L  t=0.3

Hole diameter : Φ0.13mm
Pitch : 0.20mm

10A Filter
SUS316L  t=0.3

Hole diameter : Φ0.20mm
Pitch : 0.30mm

1.5S Filter
SUS316L  t=1.0

Hole diameter : Φ0.15mm
Pitch : 0.23mm



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